Okja is a super clean label barista blend oat m*lk that is shelf stable and long life with zero preservatives, thickening agents, added sugar, or unnecessary additives.

Our flagship Okja Oat M*lk is a micro-texturable barista blend, perfect for a silky smooth flat white; smoothies; overnight oats; or simply to drink straight!

Our Liter O' Latte is exactly what it sounds like - a litre of coffee oat m*lk - ready to drink cold over ice or simply heat with steam or in a Nespresso frother. We use Rainforest Alliance Organic Certified espresso for this product.

  • Whilst we do supply (only) to Spars, we have an agreement that they sell at our RSP of R39, so as to protect our customers form inflated prices. We do not currently stock any other big chains. At Okja we believe in putting in only the highest quality ingredients, so as to yield the highest quality finished product. This means we do not use any unnecessary additives, and everything inside is perfectly fit for human consumption.
  • Each batch of Okja is made from oats from varying farmers in the local region where our factory is based. Each batch is thoroughly tested, and passes the European standards of negligible to zero amounts of glyphosate and other potentially harmful chemicals.