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Simondium Guild, R45, Simondium, Western Cape

Early in 2017, sitting in a restaurant in Pinelands, with a friend, we identified a kombucha gap in their product range. Loving their space, their hearts and their vision, Kari was inspired to join their paths in some way.

Making kombucha to try and fill that gap seemed like a good option. With a degree in horticulture and a passion for growing things, brewing this amazing, living, versatile tea quickly became a passion, and Kari converted her kitchen and store-room into a brewery.

As word spread and the local demand grew, planet friendly packaging was sourced and local staff employed to work under Kari’s close supervision to the highest standards.

Today Kombukarious is a well-recognised brand and ships the finest kombucha products throughout South Africa.

Kombukarious offers a wide range of all-natural delicious kombucha products.