Go Green Natural Products

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A complete range of locally sourced, natural, hypo-allergic, biodegradable products. Products support grey water systems & septic tanks. Water from your washing machine and basins can be run directly into your garden or veggie patch.

With water becoming an increasingly precious resourse we need to be smart with the way we use and reuse it. We have the solution for you.

Our *Go Green Naturally cleaning products* all started a few years ago after I read an article about the pollution levels of our water systems. Especially about what was causing this pollution and it mostly comes down to what we are pouring down our drains. There was something about this article which sparked something in me.

Working closely with our al:Chemist, we have come up with a complete household range where we tried and tested each and every ingredient to make 100% sure they:

1. Are EU compliant

2. Approved by the Soil Association

3. Are safe for our valuable water systems

4. And that the cleaning products WORK!!

Our green stamp of approval means each of the cleaning products are: 100% Plant Based, made from natural raw materials. They fully support the delicate balance in grey water systems, septic tanks and you can run your water straight into your veggie patch and onto your lawns. They are made locally, here in Cape Town (Think Global, Act Local)

Are biodegradable within 28 days

Most come in concentrate so a little goes a long way.